Only Trust

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Only Trust.....  Changing Lives

The response to Only Trust has shown us that this poem is a gift to everyone struggling....

I cannot express how much this poem means to me. When I was in the hospital, the lines became my prayer, bolstering my faith and courage, reminding me that I didn't need to have all the answers, only to to trust that answers would come, that I wasn't alone, that all would be well.  Truly, the poem is a faith-lifeline for me, and I hope for you, as well.  - Jean

I’ve placed my print in a place of pride on my desk and I cherish it.
L.W., Ontario

The poem and photo together are perfect together. I’m sure it is ‘the new Footprints.’ Thank you so much for sharing it with me. My favourite poem of the poem is the part about the sparrow and God not letting me fall. This is so comforting. Thanks again for this lovely inspiration. I will read it every morning as a good way to start each day.
L.C. Niagara-on-the-Lake

"Only Trust" is a truly inspirational poem and the imagery and symbolism captured in the photograph expresses its message beautifully. Can't wait for my order of greeting cards to arrive to share with family and friends! Thanks so much.

V.C., Newmarket

I have the print beside my computer, so every time I look up, I see it. There’s something so comforting and affirming about those words. It helps me remember that even when times are tough, I’m not alone.
W.B., Kitchener

When I read it, I teared up. It’s just what I needed to hear right now. I will carry my card with me and read it when I get stressed.
A.J., Louisiana

This is so wonderful. The picture is our life - just keep on going and you will get through the dark times, and the message is so true.
S.H., New York

I love this poem, when I read it I could feel myself getting more peaceful. It is just what I needed to give me courage.
A.P., Scarborough

My sister is going through a bitter divorce.  I gave her the card and she cried when she read it and hugged me.  She was so grateful. 

C.E., Toronto

Have you got a story of how Only Trust has blessed your or someone you know?  Send it to us at [email protected] . We may share your story here and send you a thank you gift!