Only Trust

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The Poem

The opening lines of the poem came easily to Angel Lady Jean, the author, but no more. Over a period of years, she tried to complete it, but her attempts all seemed forced and trite.

It was during a severe illness that the breakthrough came. Lying in bed, suffering pain and high fevers, unable to pray, she called on her Guardian Angel to pray in her place. In response, the opening lines ran through her mind constantly when she was unable to focus and pray. God will make a way where there is none that you can see...

The lines became her prayer and her comfort through the long sleepless nights. As she began her recovery, the poem teased at her until she returned to her computer, thinking to perhaps try to complete the poem yet again. This time, though, the words flowed easily and, to her surprise, the poem was finally finished.

Reading it, she felt in her heart that it was truly inspired and showed it to Deborah Vaughan, the other Angel Lady, for her opinion.

The Image

Deb is an avid photographer who’d studied photojournalism in her younger days. It wasn’t unusual for her to grab her camera on her way out the door to run errands.

Years before, on a trip to the Haliburton region of Ontario, she’d taken dozens of photographs. There was one, though, that came to mind as she read the poem.

It wasn’t a picture of much, actually, and at the time, she hadn’t intended to take it. It was just a rocky path leading down to the lake, which wasn’t even visible in the shot. Nevertheless, she had a nagging feeling that she had to photograph it, so she did.

Now, reading Only Trust, she realized that this image was the perfect one to accompany the little poem. As she brought it out, the photograph revealed its secret. The photo of the path leading to the unseen lake was a perfect metaphor for the journey of life!

The shadowy path, strewn with stones and debris, like the days of struggle that face us all.... The peaceful forest on either side, filled with beauty like the little joys of life we so often miss... And, straight ahead, the brilliant light...both the respite that awaits us and the 

Light that guides us, if we but only trust...